Month: October 2017

The Aranea Queen Campaign comes to an end

The third and final chapter in the Aranea Queen Campaign is now available on The first two parts have been well received. For limited time only, get the campaign for free! The Aranea Queen Campaign has been well received in the dmsguild and comes in three parts. Each part is over 30 pages long, so in all the campaign is over 100 pages and comes with many maps and encounters that can easily be adjusted or relocated. The campaign takes place in and around the Nether Mountains, in the Silver Marches region of the Western Heartlands in Faerun, using...

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Keep an eye out for these new and up-coming roleplaying games

What a time to be alive! The genre of roleplaying games is constantly being expanded and new games are published now, more than ever or so it seems. Here are a few games that I’m keeping an eye out for, games that I find interesting or are expanding the hobby in one way or another.  With the advent of Kickstarter and other crowd-sourcing platforms new and interesting roleplaying games are getting published all year long. What’s even better, it’s no longer solely in the hands of editors and publishers to choose what gets published, now it is in many...

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How can we lose track of ourselves

Multiclassing gone wrong. You have met Felix the Fighter, Paul the Paladin and Barry the Barbarian. You have even fought side by side with Sicero the Sorcerer, battled countless monsters with Cory the Cleric. Perhaps you have all done this together. The team, consisting of several characters played by their respective players trudge along in their quest for greatness and recognition as heroes or maybe notoriety as villains. Who knows, the campaign can go either way. Now, somewhere along the line Felix is tired of swapping out his shield and fixing up his full plate. Maybe Barry is not...

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From one encounter to another – stories and narratives

A roleplaying game is so much more than a strategic game, so much more than the models and the battle map. It entails stories, which are created by all the players at the table. All are equally responsible for the narrative.  Few days ago this article by John Wick popped up in my social media news feed. I remember I read it shortly after it was written and shook my head for I didn’t agree with him. Still, I decided to read it again. As I grow older my perception of roleplaying games has changed. I, as many roleplayers...

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Starfinder: First Glance – Ready for Action

Alright, you’ve made your character, with all of his or her abilities, skills and a feat or two. It’s time to get some stuff and get into the action. Until now, the process has been very familiar. Here is where you start to really feel and see the differences. The first two things you’ll notice is that good ol’ Armour Class (AC) now comes in two categories and items have levels. Instead of the traditional manner of having an AC value that determines the difficulty of getting hit, there now two values – Energy Armour Class (EAC) and Kinetic...

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