Author: Helgi Már Friðgeirsson

Campaign Post Mortem: Sleep of Innocence Part III

Retreating from the dreary fog of real life I return to tell you the tale of how the Phillips siblings lost their innocence. We had a slight collapse of the local government and I have been busy organizing for a snap election for which I apologize. But enough about that, lets journey back to 1944 and see how the children are doing.   The Temple of Hypnos   When we last left the children they were going through a test of spirit in the hidden Temple of Hypnos on the mountain of Hatheg-Kla. Most of the children had passed...

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Campaign Post Mortem: Sleep of Innocence Part II

Welcome back to the adventures of the Phillips siblings. I hope the first part shed some light on my campaign creation philosophy and maybe inspired some ideas of your own. In this part we get to the meat of the story and most of my mistakes during the running of this campaign. When we last left the children they had followed the strange animal, given to them by Cornelius the mute groundskeeper, down into the Enchanted Woods through the Cavern of Flame. They had passed the tests of the ancient priests guarding the gateway to the Dreamlands and were...

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Campaign Post Mortem: Sleep of Innocence Part I

One of the things we here at Yawning Portal want to do is to inspire others. Not just discuss general issues, but really share or give ideas, show some of what we have done and discuss our successess and our failures. This is the first of our series of looking back on roleplaying campaigns we have been part of through our time as players and storytellers. Here we wax poetic, recount memorable moments, identify problems with the structure of the story, congratulate ourselves on the stuff that went well, look back on what didn’t and genuinely reminisce on some...

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Memorable Villains

Have you ever been neck deep in the story around the table, as a storyteller or player, and had your immersion suddenly ground to a halt when one of the players asks “Who’s that?” as soon as the main villain, who has been mentioned quite frequently by the non playing characters and been the player’s target for several sessions, is finally introduced and you realize that they have no emotional connection to the story? It has happened to me several times and as such I have been plotting some ways to prevent this occurrence for years. Baby Steps The...

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Savage Worlds

A while back I had a conundrum. I had an idea for a campaign involving street level superhero´s, hard nosed investigators, eldritch and amorphous monsters and horrible ancient magic. It was a mix of historical drama, Call of Cthulhu, The Avengers and Hellboy on steroids. But without a good rule system I was at an impasse. How was Dracula and his Brotherhood of the Seven Dragons ever going to take over Pennsylvania if I could not settle on a system to run the game in. After scouring the systems I had on my shelf I turned to the internet...

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