Author: Svani

How can we lose track of ourselves

Multiclassing gone wrong. You have met Felix the Fighter, Paul the Paladin and Barry the Barbarian. You have even fought side by side with Sicero the Sorcerer, battled countless monsters with Cory the Cleric. Perhaps you have all done this together. The team, consisting of several characters played by their respective players trudge along in their quest for greatness and recognition as heroes or maybe notoriety as villains. Who knows, the campaign can go either way. Now, somewhere along the line Felix is tired of swapping out his shield and fixing up his full plate. Maybe Barry is not...

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Should the Game Master decide your character for you?

Pregenerated characters vs . Player made characters  The tendency for characters that are made ahead of time, usually called pre-generated characters, is that they are made for shorter sessions and not for campaigns. Pregenerated characters are when the dungeon master arrives with characters prepared ahead of time and are mostly used for one-shot sessions and if you are headed into  a roleplaying con you want everything ready in advance. The point is it saves time since usually one-shots and cons are one evening or one afternoon affairs and the table cannot afford the players spending 1-2 hours making their...

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