Babies with Knives is a Youtube channel dedicated to exploring roleplaying games and run by Alice Peng. Recently she and her co-host Brandon decided to take a look at Trudvang Chronicles. Our very own, Thorsteinn Mar, ran a short module for them, from his upcoming Runes of Memory campaign, which was a part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Muspelheim expansion for Trudvang Chronicles

It’s always fun to discover new and interesting roleplaying games. We have been huge fans of the Swedish game Trudvang Chronicles published by Riotminds. We have explored Trudvang in many different articles.

Trudvang Chronicles is a fantasy game where you explore a setting with its roots deep in Nordic, Celtic and Scandinavian lore, influenced by Beowulf, Kalevalaa and the Nordic medieval literature. You can read more on the setting here. 

Babies with Knives have made three different videos, where they go through the game mechanics, character creation and actual play. Here is the video on the game mechanics. You can also read our exploration of the rules here.

For many the character creation in Trudvang seems a bit confusing, but Alice and Brandon explain it really well in the next video, as they create characters and get ready for the actual play. You can read more about character creation here. Also, here is another article if you need inspiration for Trudvang characters and a few player tips as well.

Last but not least, here’s the actual play, where Alice, Brandon and Alex play a short module from the Runes of Memory campaign. They need to safe a town from undead that rise every night to trouble the townsfolk. Runes of Memory was written by one of our writers and was a part of the Kickstarter campaign for the Muspelheim expansion for Trudvang Chronicles.