Since the start of 2018, there has been a massive increase in traffic at Yawning Portal. With all the new eyeballs on our work, we decided to gather together in one place some of our best, some of our most popular and even some of our most controversial articles out of the first 100.

If this all seems familiar then we love you. If it isn’t, then you might be one of our new readers and who knows, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

So her’s a sampling of some our best, most popular and most controversial articles out of the first hundred – in no particular order.

D&D and RPG’s in general are becoming more and more inclusive. We believe representation is vital.

We have a big weakness for the stark, post-apocalyptic beauty and terrors of the Degenesis setting.

Our argument for both the necessity of having a Session 0 and how character backstories can be wildly overrated.

We have extensively covered the Nordic scene.

Although Sweden is the leader, there’s a lot going on in the North.

And elsewhere…

We even interviewed Toms Harenstam of Fria Ligan.

And looked back at the only Icelandic RPG so far and interviewed one of the developers.

We looked at how to react when things wrong.

We are pretty excited about Trudvang Chronicles and have given it extensive coverage. Also here, here, here, here, here and finally here.

We wrote up some tips on how to make villains not only dangerous, but memorable.

We waxed nostalgic about the most harsh and rough D&D world – Dark Sun.

And we brutally tore into Spelljammer, with some very unexpected results.

Our own Helgi looked back at one of his most successful campaigns in several chapters. Here’s part II, part III, part IV and the riveting finale.

We looked at the evolution of Star Wars RPG’s.

I made the argument that Planescape’s unique identity and remarkable trick of making the spectacular mundane were creative triumphs.

Tales from the Loop racked up the Ennies and we were mighty impressed too. See also here and here.

We have some worries on how WotC is operating, with the constant recycling of classics instead of trying to make new adventures.

We make the argument that RPG’s have a place in the classroom.

And great fun can be had when playing with kids.

We really miss the good ol’ RPG stores and lament how they are going away.

There is no reason traditional race – class combos have to be followed.

Here’s some tips on making encounters far more than just dice rolls.

Often, the looming shadow of iconic characters and/or stories in established worlds can have a bad effect on your game. We share some tips, focused on Star Wars, on how to subvert that.

The Forgotten Realms have been made the default setting of D&D. We discussed the pros and cons of the most popular setting.

Helgi reminisces about his beloved Eberron and reminds us how its unique tone deserves more attention.

It takes experience to become a good GM, but here’s some tips to help you along the way.

D&D is great, but there are things it can’t do as well as some other things already available.

While we don’t cover video games, we dipped into the story of one to argue how its approach to story could be brilliant for our games.

We look at a board game set in Waterdeep and want to try it.

We are still covering Starfinder, which started at about the same time as we did. We haven’t entirely made up our minds yet. Also here and here, with more upcoming.