Today the Free League (or Fria Ligan) released a supplement for their much acclaimed and awarded roleplaying game Tales from the Loop. The new book, Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries, contains both mysteries and a guide to create your own setting. 

We love Tales from the Loop, it’s such a great roleplaying game, suitable for veteran roleplayers and beginners alike. You take on the role of a kid in the 80’s that never was. Tales from the Loop has much in common with the TV series Stranger Things, with a dash of science-fiction. The system is easy to understand and the game is great to play and so much fun. Read more about Tales from the Loop here (setting) and here (system). Tales from the Loop is published by the Free League (or Fria Ligan), who also publishes Coriolis – The Third Horizon, Mutant: Year Zero and (soon to be released) Forbidden Lands.

Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries is 104 pages long and loaded with three awesome mysteries, a new mystery landscape based on iconic 80s songs, machine blueprints, a brand new Loop map, and more, all illustrated by the acclaimed art of Simon Stålenhag.

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries is available now in the Free League webshop, in both English and Swedish editions. The book looks really good. The book contains the following and more:

  • OUR FRIENDS THE MACHINES: In the first mystery of the book, the Kids will experience the botched launch of a set of new action toys. Escaped AIs, intelligent robot toys and possessed humans suddenly make playtime very dangerous.
  • HORROR MOVIE MAYHEM: The ‘80s is the era of moral panic. Horror movies, metal and RPGs are all debated by adults. The local video store is suddenly the focus of a conflict spanning generations. When a series of strange events occur, the Kids are drawn into a hunt for the truth behind the video store and its scary movies.
  • THE MUMMY IN THE MIST: The school is filled with rumors. The mummy has been spotted down by the lake again. Looking for something. Hungering. It falls on the Kids to investigate the mystery of The Mummy in the Mist.
  • MIXTAPE OF MYSTERIES: Eight classic songs. Eight short mysteries. A mixtape of secrets. Just press play!
  • MACHINE BLUEPRINTS: Two advanced robots, two powerful magnetrine ships. In this chapter you will find blueprints, background and adventure hooks for some of the most iconic machines of the era of the Loop.
  • HOMETOWN HACK: The Mälaren Islands and Boulder City are interesting to explore, but why not hack your own hometown? In this chapter we provide a set of guidelines to create your own setting, complete with the new setting of The Norfolk Broads in England.