The Swedish publisher Riotminds recently introduced a new label, Fantasy Adventure Series, and the first book, Into the Wild, is due to be Kickstarted in the coming days. 

Into the Wild is the first installment of books under a new label by Riotminds, Fantasy Adventure Books, and a Kickstarter Campaign is in the pipeline (see more here). This book explores the wilderness from as wide a perspective as possible, making wilderness travel even more interesting and fun.

Riotminds, founded in 2000, is best known for its Trudvang Chronicles, voted the most anticipated roleplaying game a few years ago by EnWorld. Riotminds have also published other well-received games, such as Ruin Masters and Lexoccultum.

fantasy adventure series, Into the Wild – Fantasy Adventure Series, Yawning Portal

Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a sourcebook that focuses on everything that happens en route to the dungeon or the haunted castle, giving rangers and druids a chance to shine. The book is for gamemasters and players alike, full of information about weather, camping, travel modes, and so on, and as it is planned now will be over 250 pages long.

Included in the book is:

  • 10 new Ranger and Druid sub-classes (including Borderland Scout, Forest Warden, River Master, Tunnel Guide, and Tree Whisperer) with new fighting styles such as Forest Strider and Ambush
  • 25+ new spells customized for Rangers and Druids.
  • Survival rules (food rations, complications, live-off-the-land), camping, and hunting.
  • Rules for specific terrains, including Forest, Steppe, Tundras, Mountains, Hills, Icy Plains, the Underworld, Marshes, Rivers and Lakes, Seas and Oceans, The Sky, and Volcanic Landscapes.
  • Rules for natural hazards, such as Altitude, Hunger and Thirst, Heat, Cold and Frostbite, Drowning and Suffocation, Falling, Darkness, Blinding Light, Diseases & Poisons.
  • Rules for exploration, navigation, and orientation.
  • Travel types (horseback, trekking, sled, skis, ship, etc.)
  • Full chapter on trees, herbs, flowers, berries, mushrooms, and everything that grows in the wild and can be used for potions and elixirs.
  • Complete rules for making potions based on ingredients from nature.
  • Travel hazards and more than 50 new seeds of adventure that include encounters with creatures such as ice-troll, man-eater plants, tree-demon, root-stalker, and river fly.
  • Wilderness equipment (snowshoes, sled, climbing gear, etc.)

fantasy adventure series, Into the Wild – Fantasy Adventure Series, Yawning Portal

“We really like games that focus on the wilderness, where a dark and forlorn forest is just as interesting and dangerous as the dungeon,” said Theo and Magnus, owners of Riotminds, “so it was only a matter of time before we published a book like this. We want to make the wilderness come alive and have the journeys to the dark tombs or ruined castles as exciting and fun as fighting your way through darkened hallways of ancient dungeons and catacombs.”

fantasy adventure series, Into the Wild – Fantasy Adventure Series, Yawning Portal

Fantasy Adventure Series

Riotminds are introducing a new label with the upcoming book, Fantasy Adventure Series. Going through its Facebook page, it is obvious Riotminds has more titles upcoming.

“Yes, we are in the midst of writing a massive campaign, Darkentale, which we also plan to publish under the new label. This campaign is epic, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it,” Theo says and adds, “let’s just say for now that it is one of our most ambitious projects to date.”

When asked if Riotminds are shifting its focus to 5E rather than continuing to develop its own system, Theo and Magnus shrug.

“At the moment, we are developing products for 5E, yes. The World of Kensei, Into the Wild, and Darkentale are 5E projects, but we are not saying that it is all that the future might entail for Riotminds. We are looking into other systems as well. Needless to say, the OGL discussion earlier this year affected us, and we are closely monitoring what other publishers, like us, are doing as well.”

fantasy adventure series, Into the Wild – Fantasy Adventure Series, Yawning Portal

Other projects

Late last year, Riotminds sold some of their IPs but have since introduced new projects.

“Yes, it is true; we did sell Trudvang and other IPs. When you have focused on the same projects for decades – and mind you, most of the time, it has been the two of us – it drains you. We felt we had given everything we had to these IPs and we are happy to see them in the hands of those eager to add more. Now, we feel invigorated and enthusiastic, and we are excited to see if other roleplayers are as interested as we are in our new projects.”

So, there’s more to come?

“For sure,” Magnus answers and laughs, “we have been around since 2000 and have plans for the future. Just wait and see.”

Ensure you don’t miss out when the Kickstarter campaign for Into the Wild goes live.