It’s no secret that we Yawners are shameless fanboys of Fria Ligan and we’ve covered many of their games extensively with more to come. If you haven’t at least given them a try yet, then what the hell are you waiting for? Go for it!

Anyway – while we normally don’t cover computer and video games here, we’ve been mightily intrigued by the announcement, trailers and screenshots for for the upcoming Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. It looks pretty damn good, there is a distinctly fun atmosphere in the trailer and considering who are making the game, some similar games in the recent years and what’s it’s based on, this is definitely something I’ll be following closely.

However, the real exciting thing right now is that for the next few days – and we mean few, there is a massive 40% discount on all things Mutant Year Zero through Wednesday or through the whole week – it’s slightly unclear at the moment (we’ll update once it’s cleared up). But it’s a hell of an opportunity to pick up an excellent, fairly new and very fresh game for a very reasonable price.

Mutant Year Zero was the first Fria Ligan system to use the basis for the ruleset that they’ve subsequently implemented into Coriolis, Tales from the Loop and the upcoming Forbidden Lands. It is a post-apocalyptic RPG centred on exploration and building a base (Ark). There was later added the expansion Genlab Alpha, where your mutants have the look and qualities of animals (and clearly has influenced the main trailer for MYZ:RtE).

We should also add that extensive reviews on Mutant Year Zero and Mutant Year Zero Genlab Alpha are coming soon here at Yawning Portal.