Black Void is a great fantasy game by Christoffer Sevaldsen and was published this year after a successful Kickstarter Campaign. The Flight from Salvation Square is a new, free and interesting module for Black Void. 

Black Void is probably one of the most interesting and unique fantasy settings out there, where the players take on the roles of human survivors in a dark world, heavily influenced by Arabian Nights, cosmic horrors and Lovecraft. If you like Planescape, this might be right down your alley.

flight from salvation square, New free module for Black Void – The Flight from Salvation Square, Yawning PortalIn Flight from Salvation Square the players take on the roles of characters that are seeking to escape pursuing gang through the slums of Salvation Square, after stealing a bronze idol. The slums are a dangerous place and the characters have a boat waiting for them at the quay. However, getting there is not easy and there are many obstacles in the way.

The module can be played in one or two sessions and offer a great insight into the setting of Black Void, and introduces the system to new players, making it an ideal module for the first sessions. The module comes with handouts, maps and 4 ready-to-play characters, though of course more experienced Voiders can use their own characters as well.

If you are interested in Black Void we also recommend that you check out the module Those who would be Gods, which gives you an even deeper view into this great setting and it’s many layered society.