Trudvang Chronicles is a great fantasy roleplaying game by the Swedish publisher Riotminds. Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign the game was released late last year. Now you can partake in their follow-up Kickstarter campaign, a sourcebook for the Stormlands and the Snowsaga Campaign.

Trudvang Chronicles roleplaying game has been well received and gained much attention. The game is based on an old Swedish roleplaying game, Drachar och Demoner, which has been played in Sweden since the early 80’s.


Following a very successful initial Kickstarter Campaign Riotminds, the game publishers, have now a new Kickstarter campaign for two new books. One is a sourcebook for the grim and cold Stormlands. The other is a new campaign, which continues the narrative introduced in Wildheart, The Snowsaga Campaign.


The Stormlands Regional Sourcebook

The Stormlands stretched across the eastern part of Trudvang and are both grim and cold. The sourcebook covers both the geography of the area and will offer much information on the Stormlanders.

The sourcebook will also include many great new options for players and game masters alike, e.g. new archetypes and in-depth description of Gerbanis and their gods. Finally, you will find information on myths and legends, the barbarous blót and the many feasts the Stormlanders partake in.


The Snowsaga Campaign

The Snowsaga campaign is the first official campaign for Trudvang Chronicles and will be in print a Kickstarter exclusive. In the Snowsaga Campaign the adventurers will encounter Blodughadda, first introduced in Wildheart, the modules which was included in the initial Kickstarter campaign.

The Snowsaga campaign takes the adventurers to the gates of Helgardh (the dark underworld) and an encounter with the albino logi dragon Nifelfang, to the dwarves’ mines, and the ancient stronghold Ysetur. It’s an epic story with a dark tone and a fierce, brutal atmosphere.

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