Ravenhold is the latest instalment of the Darkness over Kryptgarden adventure path. Are you brave enough to take on the ancient keep Ravenhold, the dungeon below it and the warlock-wight that inhabits it?

Ravenhold is the latest modules in the Darkness over Kryptgarden adventure path.

Ravenhold is designed for a party of three to six characters of 3rd to 4th level, and of a non-evil alignment. The module can be played as a stand-alone or as a part of the Darkness over Kryptgarden adventure path. The Narrative picks up where the 2nd module, Return of the Warlock, left off.

It takes place in the Forgotten Realms, in the Dessarin Vale, as described in The Storm King’s Thunder and Princes of the Apocalypse. All encounters can easily be modified to fit either a larger or a smaller party.

A middle-aged Doomguide enters Red Larch, followed by his near catatonic son, begging for aid. He pleads whoever can help and asks able bodied heroes to help him save his wife, Yiriala, from a warlock-wight that has a lair in the ruins of Ravenhold, an old dwarven tower in Kryptgarden forest. The tower and the dungeons below it are crawling with undead, making the ruins a very dangerous place. Will the PCs manage to unlock the secrets of Ravenhold and save Yiriala?

The other modules are The Lost Tomb of the Dwarven Prince and Return of the Warlock. All modules are available in the DMsGuild.com.


Darkness over Kryptgarden is a new Adventure Path written and developed by the Yawning Portal crew. The modules are interlinked and can be played as a campaign or dropped into an ongoing campaign. All modules will be available on dmsguild.com.

In Darkness over Kryptgarden the PCs will learn that something evil stirs beneath the Kryptgarden Forest. It becomes ever more dangerous to travel along the Long Road and the merchant caravans refuse to go any further north than to Waterdeep, making life for the people of Dessarin Vale ever harder.