Darkness over Kryptgarden is a new Adventure Path by Yawning Portal. The second module, Return of the Warlock, is now available on dmsguild.com. The module is intended for 4-6 3rd level player characters. 

Return of the warlock, Return of the Warlock – Darkness over Kryptgarden, Yawning PortalReturn of the Warlock is designed for 4-6 level 2nd-3rd level PCs and non-evil alignment, a good balance of character classes is advised. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms, in the Dessarin Vale, as described in The Storm King’s Thunder and Princes of the Apocalypse. The module can be run using any setting where you’d find a small village and woodland mountains nearby. All encounters can easily be modified to fit either a larger or a smaller party.

When an old nemesis of the retired adventuring party Banner of the Scales returns from the dead and kidnaps the child of one the party’s members, the member, Garmund, cleric of Kelemvor, turns to the PCs and asks them to help him get the boy back. Their mission will take them south along the Long Road, where they will encounter starved goblins, shadows, wights and see darkness grow over Kryptgarden forest.

Playing through the module takes about 4-6 hours. The story will challenge both players and characters alike and offers many opportunities for roleplaying.

The module relies on Triboar’s description found in the Storm King’s Thunder and Red Larch’s description found in the Princes of the Apocalypse. Having access to these module is highly recommended, but not necessary.

But wait, there’s more!

Return of the Warlock also has 2 new monsters, 1 new magical item and a new druid circle, created by the members of the Yawning Portal crew.

All this for only $2.99!

What the reviews say about The Lost Tomb of the Dwarven Prince:

So far The Lost Tomb of the Dwarven Prince has only received 5-star reviews.

Alexandra B:

It is very well written, humorous and clever, but also concise and to the point.


A great module which offers the players different paths to follow, each testing a variety of skills, in order to complete the adventure.

Darkness over Kryptgarden

Return of the warlock, Return of the Warlock – Darkness over Kryptgarden, Yawning PortalDarkness over Kryptgarden is a new Adventure Path written and developed by the Yawning Portal crew. The modules are interlinked and can be played as a campaign or dropped into an ongoing campaign. All modules will be available on dmsguild.com.

In Darkness over Kryptgarden the PCs will learn that something evil stirs beneath the Kryptgarden Forest. It becomes ever more dangerous to travel along the Long Road and the merchant caravans refuse to go any further north than to Waterdeep, making life for the people of Dessarin Vale ever harder.