Drakar och Demoner has been for years one of the most popular roleplaying game in Sweden. Riotminds, the publishers of the awesome roleplaying games Trudvang Chronicles and Lexoccultum, have updated the ruleset and re-designed the game, and now the it is available in English, as Ruin Masters.

The Swedes are at it again! There seems to be no end to the great roleplaying games that are being published in Sweden. All the better for us, since the games that are being developed and published in that Scandinavian country are simply great. Whether you like modern, horror, science-fiction or fantasy, they seem to have it all covered and all great games.

Riotminds are right in the dead center of this storm, along with Free League publishing. Riotminds’ games, Trudvang Chronicles and Lexoccultum, have both been well received and Trudvang was voted the most anticipated roleplaying game in 2017. We here at Yawning Portal also named Lexoccultum as one of the game of the year in 2018.

Ruin Masters

Drakar och Demoner was initially published in the 80’s and has been one of the most popular roleplaying game in Sweden ever since. Riotminds have updated the ruleset and re-designed the game. And even better, now it is available in English, via their Kickstarter campaign.

Ruin Masters is a gentle nod back to the first and second generation of roleplaying games, with a tactical dungeon crawl and map with hexes (wait! No 5’ squares!?), where the game was all about surviving and earning enough gold for the next adventure. If you miss those old days or are eager to try out a new game, check this one out.

What’s included in the Kickstarter?

Their Kickstarter has already been successful. So, if you pledge now you will get the game, plus all stretchgoals. The core package (without Stretch Goals) includes the following:

  • Rulebook including character creation, general rules and the Caldarox world setting (the official world of Ruin Masters), dungeon crawling rules (drop lists, challenges, spawn lists, etc.) and monster stats. Softback, approx. 150-200 pages (pending on final format)
  • 3 cardboard pages of cut-out miniatures
  • 3×5 combat mode markers
  • Deck of Start-up-Cards
  • 4-color map over Caldrarox
  • 20 Character Sheets
  • Dungeon Crawl Introduction adventure (Pdf)

Caldarox – Campaign Setting

Caldarox is a post-cataclysmic fantasy world whereas the heroes explore and adventure in the ruins of a past civilization, a world full of monsters and treasures. In Caldarox the heroes meet classic fantasy monsters such as minotaurs, dragons, orcs and goblins, as well as evil mages and mysterious knights.

So, you are staying at The Roaring Dragon inn when…

Ruin Masters is a game about old tropes and gaming as roleplaying games were played when rpgs were still young. Where bards weave tales of grand treasures hidden in dangerous dungeons and old men tell young (and foolish) adventurers about where to find those dungeons. It’s a game about survival and earning enough gold and prestige to call yourself an accomplished adventurer. But first and foremost, it’s all about having fun.

Are you ready to become one of the Ruin Masters?

Check out Riotmind’s Kickstarter here.