The Swedish publisher Riotminds have a new Kickstarter campaign ongoing, to fund a new setting which they call The World of Kensei. Riotminds have published such games as Trudvang Chronicles, Lexoccultum and Ruin Masters. 

The World of Kensei is a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing lands of ancient myths and high peril. Brave warriors dare the ancient shrines of the old gods, now home to evil creatures. These are the lands of Tatsu, a new continent of beauty and ages-old evil. Tatsu is yours to adventure in, defend, shape, and rule.

The history of Tatsu is dominated by the cyclic rise and cataclysmic destruction of provinces and kingdoms once founded by the gods. Magic and holy powers slumber in the wreckages of ancient buildings and deep jungles that once belonged to them. Every year some new wonder is rediscovered in an old temple ruin: a scroll with an ancient spell, a statue with holy powers, or a staff of immense might.


Kensei, The World of Kensei, Yawning PortalThe setting can be played separately or as a part of a larger setting. It comes with new player options, such as new races and archetypes. It also has rules for honor and an option to feats, which is called knack trees.

As with other products from Riotminds, the art is really immersive and cool. Among the artist are Justin Sweet, Justin Gerard and Jiang Wutang.

Kensei, The World of Kensei, Yawning Portal

The World of Kensei – Quick View

You can head over to and get a glimpse of the setting by downloading a quick view. It contains a glimpse of what to expect. Click here to get the quick view pdf.

Make sure you head over to the Kickstarter page as well and see if this is something that interests you. Click here to see the Kickstarter campaign.