There’s no need in stop playing roleplaying games during Covid-19. Here are a few ideas on what you can do rpg-wise to get through the virus. 

Here in Iceland most people keep indoors and when we get out, we are supposed to stay at least 2 meters (approx. 6 feet) from other people. This, of course, means that playing tabletop roleplaying games is nigh impossible.

But what to do, when you can get your weekly og bi-weekly rpg fix? For us dedicated roleplayers, especially us who use tabletop rpg as an escape from the daily routines, this is not good. But, needless to say, our health comes first and we need to adhere to all and every recommendation from the health authorities to insure that those who would not withstand the Covid-19 virus, are safe. Therefore, we keep to our homes and remember that society is about

Here is a list of things you can do rpg-wise while staying home.

Play online

There are a few great platform for online gaming, both where you can play using video calls or play-by-post in forums. Discord and Roll20 are both celebrated and superb software, specially designed for gaming. Playing using video calls comes close to playing by the table.

Then there are myriads of forums and platforms where you can play-by-post. For those who are literary-minded, this is a superb solution. Of course, sometimes the games don’t move as fast as by the table, but perhaps now, when many people need to stay home, you can find games that move quite fast.

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Dig into new gaming systems or settings

Since you have amble time, why not use it to read that setting manual you keep postponing or get familiar with a new gaming system?

There are so many great games out there, not mention all the superb 5E material (if you only wish to play games using that system). The Scandinavian publishers, such as Riotminds, Black Void Games and Fria Ligan, have been publishing great games of late, many of which are available at

You can read up on our review of many roleplaying game by clicking here. 

Teach your kids roleplaying games

What better way to spend some time with your kids!? I love playing with my kids, 15 and 6 years old. The older one has been gaming since he was 6 years old and this is a superb way to spend some time together.

There are even a few modules in the that are especially suited for younger gamers, which are well worth checking out.

Here’s an article on how to game with your kids.

covid-19, Things to do RPG-wise during Covid-19, Yawning Portal

Maps & Models

I like using maps and models when I play. Not that I dislike using Theater of the Mind, but for many roleplayers having models and maps help them see things more clearly in their head.

Why not paint a few models or even better, create a miniature model of a keep or dungeon? You could also try your hand at drawing maps.

TV-Shows and Podcasts

There are so many great online rpg-shows and podcasts. One of my favorite is Dungeons & Daddies, which is accessible on Spotify. Critical Role is also a favorite for many 5E gamers.

If you are into indie gaming, we recommend that you check out Babies with Knives, you can find their channel on Youtube.

Stay safe during Covid-19

Please stay safe during the Corona-virus. We need to trust and follow the instructions from the health authorities. Most of us have never been through a world-wide epidemic and only a handful are experts in this field.

We need to protect those that would not be able to withstand the Covid-19 virus and we do that by staying home, washing our hands and sanitize. The only way to fight this is to work together.

See you online! 🙂