Riotminds has just released an announcement that Trudvang Chronicles will be updated for 5e and will be called Trudvang Adventures. This is something many fans of Trudvang have been waiting for. 

Trudvang Chronicles has served thousands of players worldwide for more than a decade. “For several years now, we’ve been asked by players to adapt Trudvang Chronicles to the popular 5E system. With interest in the game higher than ever, along with the incredible rise of our Kickstarter community, we have decided that now is the right time to make this happen,” says Magnus Malmberg of RiotMinds.

trudvang adventures, Trudvang Adventures – new setting for 5e, Yawning Portal

Trudvang Adventures 5E (TA5E) is anchored in a unique world setting of fused Celtic and Nordic myths and sagas. TA5E players are afforded the opportunity to explore the incredibly rich and visually stunning fantasy setting of Trudvang Chronicles while still remaining familiar and accessible for players of 5E. Both players and DMs will feel instantly at home and comfortable with the TA5E toolsets for their epic campaigns.

Trudvang Chronicles is licensed and translated for use in a number of countries and is also the basis for the new board game Trudvang Legends. The Trudvang Legends board game is scheduled for release later this year and is produced and published by renowned game design company CMON.

trudvang adventures, Trudvang Adventures – new setting for 5e, Yawning Portal

“We envision this as an opportunity to reach a broader audience with 5E being another tentpole in our strategy to serve our player community and expand the Trudvang brand. However, for fans of the original Trudvang Chronicles RPG, rest assured that we will continue to support that game with an array of new supplements and adventures. We have an exciting and extensive release plan ahead – we can’t wait to share more information soon.” Magnus Malmberg concludes.

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